Dress Code

We are a very relaxed club and are aware of our hot conditions in Brisbane so in most cases we will be lenient on your summer clothes but rest assured if your behaviour is rough then you will be asked to leave. If you are coming in for a quick lunch and you are in tradie clothes, high vis wear and work boots ,be sure to be clean , we will not allow dirt covered clothes or shoes in the club as expected. You may be asked to go change before entering if your clothes do not fit up to our standards so please dress to impress which always makes the room feel comfortable.

Caps and beanie’s are not allowed in the club , please leave them at home or with reception in our cloak room.


The ladies at B Confidential are exactly that and they love to be treated as such. Courteous behaviour and a friendly manner will assist you in getting the most out of your private time, ensuring a seductive and fun experience for all involved.

At B Confidential we adhere to Queensland law with adult entertainment in a touching allowed club. For the health and safety of yourself and our girls we are a no mouth contact club.

Each lady has her own individual way of performing so assumption and invasion on her personal boundaries could get your booking cancelled and you may be asked to leave.

For more information about what is allowed please ask a hostess or the dancer who will also explain prior to a show. If you would like more legal information please click here Adult Entertainment Legislation

CAUTION: if you visit a club and the girls or club can provide services off premises even if its to go have dinner with a girl , you , the girl and the club could be in breach of the law and be charged. For more information please contact your local police.


Our ladies love spending time with you but also have private lives, which the ladies may find it intrusive if you question them about this. They are happy to discuss with you a wide range of topics but do not be offended if they refuse to answer some of your questions. They enjoy indulging in the fantasy of the B Confidential experience and creating for you a pleasurable haven, and enjoy living in two separate worlds. Please don’t ask our ladies why they are working, many are educated, sexual beings who enjoy what they do and have made a conscious lifestyle choice.


Gifts and tokens of appreciation are always welcome. Flowers, chocolates, perfume and jewellery are a nice way to say thank you. If you see your lady regularly, you may even know a little more about her and be able to buy her a personal gift.


Our club offers total anonymity and we respect your privacy. Often the girls family and friends are unaware of her profession and she would appreciate the same respect she pays to your private life. If you see one of the ladies out in public she would appreciate your discretion. Please do not approach or attempt to talk to them.