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If you’re looking for dancer jobs in Brisbane then you have come to the right place!

At B Confidential we pride ourselves on being able to offer the best in adult entertainment and have ongoing dancer jobs available.


About the Role:

We are an exclusive Brisbane Gentleman’s Club and we’re always on the look out for attractive, engaging young ladies to fill our dancer vacancies.  No previous experience required. Please come in and see us and we can help you get started on a successful career in the industry, a second income to fund your expensive lifestyle or future security. We will help decide what aspects will work for you and teach you how to get started in this industry both physically and mentally, so when your ready its easy to start.

Your duties will be entertaining guests and their friends, engaging them in conversation, table dances, private shows and lap dancing.

If this sounds like you and you feel that you would enjoy being a dancer please contact us to arrange an interview. Interview times are after 12 noon Tuesday through Friday.

If you are nervous about entering this industry due to lack of experience please rest assured you will be trained on the job with friendly staff who wont push you into the limelight until your confident and ready. Our unique business structure caters particularly in favour of new people in the industry so more than likely you wont be alone.

B confidential Is located at 445 Upper Edward st in Spring Hill (brisbane City) and is a short walk from central station in Brisbane. We have plenty of local parking nearby so feel free to ask us about your best options.

We are looking for:

  • Bright , fun & pleasant personality
  • Team players
  • Excellence in customer service
  • Well spoken
  • Willingness to learn
  • Glamorous and exotic appearance

Why work for us?

  • Female owned and operated
  • Safe and clean
  • No cost to you to work here
  • Low percentage of walk by traffic which means high targeted clientele (not many time wasters) very discreet club.
  • We wont fine you for every petty little thing
  • Excellent tip structure
  • Friendly staff with trained hostesses that help book you dances
  • Ongoing dance training and NLP (Nuero Linguistic Programming) Body and language tips for better sales
  • Family owned and operated
  • The only gentlemen's club in Brisbane with fine food restaurant open for lunch and dinner.

Perks of the job!

  • Discounted drinks
  • Second day pay days
  • Free NLP sales training that will give you the tools for moving outside the industry
  • Stage Tips are 100% yours
  • Full makeover and photo shoot for free if you wish.
  • Flexible hours and shifts
  • Discounted food shopping for staff through the kitchen
  • Discounted shoes and clothing
  • You are your own boss and can run it as a business


International dancers / travelers wishing to work

If you’re coming to Australia for a working holiday we would love to have you on the team and part of our family but you must have a valid work visa.
The link below walks you through the process with obtaining the correct visa for Australia.

House staff, bar staff, hostesses, promotions & controllers.

We are always on the lookout for great staff, if you feel you have something you can offer the business then please still apply. Due to the size of the club we like to teach all staff the different roles throughout the business but don't worry we wont ever make you be a dancer if you don't want to. Our house staff are just as important to us as the dancers and being female owned and operated you can rest assured you will be treated with dignity and respect and will not be required to wear revealing clothing. If you are trained in all the house roles then we are able to give you more shifts particularly if you have a controllers license however for the right persons we can submit your controllers application anyway.

Bar staff: Pouring drinks, basic cocktail knowledge a plus, till operations and customer accounts, bar cleaning, key aspects we are looking for are speed, knowledge of drinks and remembering peoples names and orders.

Waitress: Taking orders for food and drinks, setting tables, basic cleaning of the club during the night and bar close and cleaning. Must be able to carry plates and drink trays confidently.

Hostess: Meet and greet of all staff and clients your role is to know who everyone is in the room and match them to the right girls. Assist in sales and extending lap dances. Organise bucks groups and stage shows and to coordinate girls on stage. Staff motivation and customer staff resolution skills.

Controller: To uphold Qld licensing requirements and monitor the adult entertainment and ensure the performers abide by the law.

Want To make more money stripping ?


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  • Training before you even apply for a job.
  • What to expect in an interview
  • Understand the laws in the industry so you dont get into trouble
  • Secrets to increasing your earning potential
  • Other clubs in Australia , pros and cons
  • Where to get the best deals on costumes and makeup
  • How to turn stripping into a high paid career and onto other opportunities
  • Body language, eye patterns and language patterns to increase sales
  • Self Promotion strategies
  • Staying safe
  • Business structures for compliant taxation
  • Other roles in a club
  • Private stripping Vs working in a club
  • Managing work and private life and keeping a sound mind.

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